Savory Squash & Kimchi Breakfast Porridge


When I扼我到首尔,我提到了我的就行了经验,在家里在这里,通知了一些新的厨房实验。虽然一些我在韩国吃的食物太独特了我可能重现(更不用说依赖于当地食材),几样小菜觉得触手可及。


My goal when I got home was to create a version of the porridge that would feel as nourishing and unfussy as what I ate in Seoul, but which would be slightly more boldly flavored. No better way to add tons of flavor and umami to a dish than by incorporating kimchi, and since I returned to my travels more fond of Nasoya kimchi than ever, this felt like a perfect opportunity to showcase it!

The cool thing about this porridge is that, while the kimchi is added only at the end, it makes the dish. Without it, the porridge is sweet but plain, a sensible breakfast but not necessarily memorable. With kimchi—not to mention a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and chopped green onion—it becomes so much more complex and layered.


There’s a “choose your own adventure” component to making this dish. If you prefer mild kimchi (which I do), you can use that. If you like your meals on the spicier side, you can useNasoya的辣泡菜instead.

I like the toppings here, but they’re certainly not the only ones that would work nicely with the recipe: you could try toasted pumpkin seeds, steamed greens, a dressing of choice (miso dressing would be amazing), seasoned tofu cubes, or toasted chickpeas. And if you’d like to add some vegetables for extra nutrient density and texture, you’re welcome to do that (I give a cue in the recipe).

The porridge has so many tastes in one place: sweetness, some acid, umami, and saltiness.




当我回到纽约,已经一半爱上了这个粥,我不得不使其对相机的快感Nasoyateam! The video features some fun tips on how to prepare kabocha squash, using a microplane to grate ginger, and getting the porridge to a perfect consistency. I’ll be sure to share it on social media once it’s available, so stay tuned!





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  1. long time reader, and you still delivering! Right on time with this one, as I’m on a kimchi kick. I would’ve never thought to combine with pumpkin, or anything other than rice for that matter, so I’m really curious about this one. I’m going to try it! Thanks for posting!

  2. 吉纳,我不是一个大风扇饭,但我能做出这样的事情有条状燕麦片?香香燕麦知道这个寒冷的早晨吸引我。