It’s rare, I think–even within the context of Green Recovery–for veganism to have as immediately powerful an impact as it has had on Debs’ life. But the lifestyle seems to have given her tremendous peace, as well as a sense of connection to something outside of herself, something big and important and worthwhile. I’m so glad that she’s found some freedom from the obsessive cycles that seemed to dominate her thinking until only recently, and I’m honored to be sharing her story today.

我的故事开始于童年。I was always chubby but my relationship with food took a sinister turn at aged 10 when my dad and I moved into his partners home. She had 2 daughters, both of whom were very slim yet her fridge and cupboard were stocked full of chocolate bars. I remember the feeling of awe when I’d peer inside at all the goodies, things we never had at home before so it wasn’t long before I started getting up during the night to steal food. I’d sneak it back to bed and scoff 2 or 3 bars then stuff the wrappers down the side of the bed. Inevitably this didn’t go unnoticed and I remember the feeling of shame when I returned from school one day to be confronted with the evidence; crumpled up and layed on the table.


This carried on untill I left home aged 15, I was free and I could eat what I wanted. The secret eating stopped but I was still consuming huge amounts of food, just without the fear of getting caught. It was around this time I joined my first Weight Watchers class. I weighed 210lbs and I remember the leader assuring me I’d never be this heavy again. I worked hard and lost around 30lbs but my food addiction grew. I was obsessed with calorie counting and every waking thought was about food. What was having for breakfast? How long till I could have my next meal? What foods had the lowest calories so I could “save them up” for evening incase I needed them.

The next 10 years saw my weight yo yo but always getting heavier. I tried diet pills from the GP, joined lots of gyms, tried atkins but everything was short lived. At age 25 I made my mind up to go back to Weight Watchers. I’d always maintained it had made my addiction worse but I needed something structured to get myself under control. I weighed 280lbs when I joined but I threw myself into it wholeheartedly and lost 100lbs. I should have been a shining example of health, but I was miserable. I was more obsessed than ever. I weighed my food meticulously, sometimes 3 or 4 times. I wrote down every morsel that passed my lips. I weighed myself upwards of 20 times a day and my mood became inextricably linked to the display on those scales. If I was lighter than the last time I’d weighed then I’d feel elated but if I was even a few grams heavier I’d binge eat to console myself. I started a cycle of binging and starving and even my new found love of running became a tool to control my weight. The scariest part was when I found myself going on 10 mile runs without water and deliberately not re hydrating till after I’d been weighed in the hope of losing a pound or two. I even donated blood once in an attempt to lose some weight!

During this time I was searching desperately for something to cure me. I attended a stress management class prescribed by my GP, I found a charity who help people suffering with ED’s and went to support groups. I tried CBT and EFT therapy. I found a hypnotherapist who works specifically with ED sufferers and as a last ditch attempt I asked my GP for antidepressants. None of these things worked independently but in hindsight I was on my own journey to recovery and they were all parts of the puzzle.

大约一年前,当我在我最低我遇到的偶然福克斯在刀纪录片,开始研究benefits of a plant based diet. It felt “right” but it also felt unattainable for someone who wanted to get away from obsessing over food. I spent the last year looking into veganism, the ethical and environmental side as well as the health benefits and watched films such asFood, Inc.,地球人,脂肪,生病了,快死了和阅读The China Study从头到尾。在今年一月,我决定,我不得不做出改变permenant。证据是压倒性的,我觉得,为了更人道自己然后我就开始与被亲切的星球。




I asked Debs if she might be willing to share a short bio, so that we can all get to know her better. She said, “I’m 31 and live in Glasgow with my partner and 2 cats. I work with deafblind people and love to spend my time with friends and family, cycling, watching movies and cooking“。



Finally, I appreciate Debs’ admission that she worries how her veganism will be perceived by those around her. Will it be regarded as a fad or a diet or a quick fix? I hope that time and patience, not to mention further strides into continued recovery, will give her more and more confidence. My experience has been that, the more peaceful one’s relationship with food becomes, the more friends and family and outside observers are able to accept and support one’s dietary choices (whatever they may be!). So, I wish Debs a meaningful, connected, and joyous relationship with food–today and always–and all that comes along with it.

Thanks for sharing, Debs. As always, readers, your support and comments are welcome!




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  1. 好像你已经发现几乎救济素食主义的感觉。它的道德就像给罪责你的自由。至于其他人,我想他们会来到我身边。你坚持的时间越长你的基于植物的选择,更多的人会接受,这是一种有意识的长期解决方案。我有时怀疑自己因为这个原因 - 这只是另一个* FALSE *解决方案,但一切都在我的直觉告诉我,否则。我希望这篇文章做的唯一的事情就是继续!我想听到更多关于你的恢复,怎么你的想法和习惯威廉app已经改变。如果你碰巧看到此评论,我很想听到你在哪里,现在更多的细节。

    • 嗨艾莉森,感谢您的评论。现在我接近9个月素食主义的,我知道我将永远不会返回到肉食。狂欢还是发生了一个半频繁的基础上,但成交量并不像以前那么高,我不觉得有必要责备自己太过分了!我觉得我有食物一个更“正常”关系,那么我做过。我还是用食物来解除我的心情,虽然这是我并不觉得自己会改变,但没关系。如果您想进一步连接我喜欢聊天多!我的Instagram帐户是Milk_the_funk,希望看到你在那里

  2. 在6个月恭喜,德布斯!这太妙了。如同任何时尚,素食主义才能健康或不健康的营养,所以我认为,这是为你疗伤和愈合的地球和其他生物,是真正的(和美味的)药植物性食品的连接。植物为基础的最低限度处理的饮食(与灵活性,大量的例外)一直是我最大的关键,稳定性和对食物积极,不可怕的感觉。威廉app不过我最近得到了解放,从食品的痴迷从一顿丰盛的早餐饮食习惯,这听起来像一个可怕的时尚饮食,但实际上是一个研究,以证据为基础的建议,在早上吃非常沉重,晚上很轻的额外的动力。当我能拉这一关(包括推荐早上蛋白质和甜蜜),我奖励与更稳定的情绪和体重以及 - 最importantly-少得多(不健康)食物的渴望,或强迫性思维。在情况下,你发现自己需要一个额外的锚未来只是一个想法。

  3. 我想先表彰德布斯为是在她的故事如此透明和她惊人的恢复。很高兴知道我并不孤单,当它打破我的食物不健康的关系来我很多很多的尝试。

  4. 哇 - 伟大的故事。很高兴她找到了一种方法,对于她的作品。只是表明你可能会几次摔倒你真正起飞之前。

  5. This was such a powerful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Debs. What really resonated with me in your story was how you said, “now I’m thinking of something bigger than me”. To me, that is really the essence of ethical veganism. It’s not about you, or me, or any of us. It’s about the wellbeing of millions of living creatures. It’s about the future of the planet. I’m so thrilled that you’ve discovered this way of life, Debs, and I hope your journey is amazing! XO Sarah

  6. 嗨,黛比,我很高兴听到你终于found some peace. You deserve it. I can relate to most of your story. The secret eating, the yo yo weight etc. It’s horrible to be stuck in the cycle. It makes you miserable. Truly, I am so happy that you have finally found some peace