Curried Chickpea Tahini Salad


当我写这篇文章的标题,我想:“这是我花了三年后我的咖喱鹰嘴豆芝麻酱沙拉食谱?!”尽管如此,我从来没有分享它的事实,这是第一次的素食午餐食谱我在自己编造的一个。William Hill网球我喜欢它的话,我喜欢它。而且,由于我的妈妈是咖喱鸡肉沙拉的大风扇,和我们一起吃一些素食过这个节日,我想我会与她分享我的食谱。

Smashed chickpea salads make for a wonderful and easy lunch option if you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet and you miss chicken or tuna salad. You can use vegan mayo or avocado as a creamy base, but tahini is my personal favorite (surprise, surprise!). This particular recipe features the addition of curry, finely grated carrot, and raisins. The result is savory sweet and super flavorful. It’s also packed with protein, fiber, and folate from the legumes, and it’s got a nice helping of healthy fat from the tahini. Best of all, it’s 100% plant-based and animal friendly.

我经常喜欢为在顶部的沙拉一勺nutrient dense salad,但它也是一个伟大的开胃菜,浸,或小吃。送达被烤面包或在包装的可压缩的午餐,或者你甚至可以用一些温暖的藜混搭起来。很难去错了组合这道美味又简单。


Curried Chickpea Tahini Salad
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • For the salad:
  • 3 cups cooked chickpeas (2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed)
  • 2个中等大小的胡萝卜,精细磨碎
  • 1/3 cup raisins or currants
  • For the dressing:
  • 3汤匙芝麻酱
  • 1 1/2汤匙柠檬汁
  • 1 1/2汤匙苹果醋
  • 2-3汤匙水(根据需要)
  • 1汤匙酱油或酱油(替代椰子aminos)
  • 2茶匙枫糖浆或龙舌兰
  • 1茶匙咖喱粉
  1. Whisk all dressing ingredients together. Start by adding 2 tablespoons water and add more if needed.
  2. Pour the dressing over the salad ingredients and mix well to combine. Serve.
Leftover salad will keep for up to four days in an airtight container in the fridge.


What a tasty bowl to dig into with a spoon. Seriously. So satisfying! And I love the slight contrast of the raisins and beans.


Happy Friday, everyone!




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  1. 我这个月前印刷,只是得到周围使得它首次在几天前,因为我终于买芝麻酱。我生气我等了这么长是绝对美味!我跑出去葡萄干并添加了一些葡萄干赞特岛。我要再次使这个并添加更多的梳妆一点thinner-并把它遍布色拉本周带到课堂吃饭!感谢您的美味,健康的零食,可以将改编成一顿饭!

  2. […] Curried Chickpea Salad from Choosing Raw, which I meant to make last week but ended up having enough Sesame Soba Noodle Salad to last me all week (which was not at all a bad thing!). I’ll eat the chickpea salad on sprouted grain bread with a side of kale chips. […]

  3. 林好奇,如果你曾考虑自然疗法医学院,考虑到你显然认为营养是一个重要组成部分,以预防疾病和疾病的?

    • Hi Chelsea,

      I have considered it, and it’s still an option, depending on how the next year goes. However, I’ve had some amount of holistic training through my CCN certification already, and would like to experience another perspective. I also suspect from my own medical experiences that a non-naturopathic approach may be right for me. But I do of course believe strongly in nutrition as a part of disease prevention and management.


  4. 嗨吉纳,我刚刚发现你的博客在几个星期前,我已经过渡到一个素食生活方式!对于它的价值,,我是一名婚姻家庭治疗师(硕士学位),我也有健康的ED /推广MPH。你有没有考虑过大师级别辅导课程?要成为一个心理学家,你一定要读博士,但要一个辅导员..没有必要花那么多的论文,除非你想要做的研究时间和金钱!和RD是真棒用于在医院临床工作...我知道的RD或者是事物的临床副作用或做更多的营养/健康指导(这在我SC的状态,你不需要许可的呢!)我的爱辅导并已与许多年轻女性应付饮食失调的工作......我很赞赏你的,你是今天 - 就像你的声音做了一些惊人的“工作”!如果你想聊更多的辅导计划,让我知道...一切顺利,威廉app谢谢分享你的旅途和食谱!William Hill网球我爱厂强大的生活方式!丽莎

  5. 大沙拉!我有2个TB葡萄干和2只TB小红莓成功了,而不是。

  6. Such a well-rounded post Gena. I’m going through something very similar to you but my career change is from biology to accounting The bio days are behind me, and I don’t regret them, but med school or research was never what I wanted to do with my life. Now that I’m in business school I really love it, and I’m so happy I made the decision to go back! The biggest challenge for me has been applying a whole new level of balancing work + school, but I’m managing! I crammed my summer full of 4 courses and can barely breathe right now but I just try to just keep my eyes on the prize. You can do it girl!


  7. 首先,沙拉看上去好吃,是的,我觉得有时候简单/简单/去到食谱是博主最想要的人!William Hill网球

    Second, you’re totally inspiring and I wish you the best in all of your schooling and decision making. I’m in a similar place in academia. In the home-stretch on my dissertation and having some serious realizations about the things I *don’t* like about the academy. That being said, I still have my heart set on teaching, BUT, I too plan to be open to other avenues, should I need to!


  8. 我所以用有机化学做得太!恭喜你,吉纳!我都非常清楚你正在看崎岖不平的道路上,我就在那里和你在一起!YOU GO GIRL !!

  9. 吉纳,我真的很佩服与你谈论你的学校经历的诚实。威廉app请注意,您不应该感到内疚的斗争。威廉app在我的本科,我不得不采取6个学期的化学,其中两个是orgo-,这是一场噩梦。而我是一个人具有较强的科学背景。所以这是令人钦佩你拿这个上,期。你的目标和意图是什么事最在这里。找到了通过您的博客,您的志愿工作,和你的营养师努力清除你不可忽视一个严重的力量,在你的文章和简历,当你申请学校MED,这将是显而易见的。

    I recently went through the process of applying to graduate school, feeling under-qualified, and being happily surprised by the difference passion and dedication can make. Work hard, stay exactly who you are, and everything will work out

  10. I can really relate because the reality of higher education is often a lot more demanding than we anticipate. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff that is a requirement just isn’t that fun to learn.

    No matter what you decide I am sure you will be a wonderful practitioner but if you become a dietitian you are going to have to drop pretty much everything they teach you. Honestly, you already have so much more useful knowledge than the average dietitian, it’s just getting a piece of paper of credibility more than anything.

  11. 吉纳, even if you were to return to the publishing world and counsel on the side, you’d still be amazing. Can’t wait to see where this path takes you!

  12. I love this recipe…it reminds me of the chicken salad I loved growing up which had grapes instead of raisins. I love the unexpected sweetness in a savory dish like this.

  13. 任何这些职业是幸运有你,所以不断开拓进取。

    ps i love that salad! i make a similar one but with mustard instead of tahini and i mash some of the chickpeas so it has a different texture. raisins in curry is one of my fave things though.

  14. Girl, I totally relate to the end of this post. The medical / nutrition fields are VERY challenging and mentally taxing. You are constantly questioning whether you are doing enough, even if you’re killing yourself studying. It’s discouraging when you don’t get the grade that also shows forth the effort you put into the course. But I know this: You are strong, you are intelligent, and you have an incredibly kind heart. Those three things WILL get you through. I never thought I’d make it out of my major ( esp. when I was struggling with ED) and now, I’m graduating today!!! You’re amazing, Gena. I’m always thinking of you.

  15. 吉纳- I had people in my life, teachers specifically, that told me I could never become a veterinarian because I was too “stupid”. (really-exact quote). I, on the other hand, could think of nothing else I wanted to do. I set my mind and I did it. You have set your mind and overcome considerable challenges before. Everyone on this blog knows you are capable so I say, just go for it. Set your mind and your heart on making it happen and the universe has a way of rewarding. I have no doubt you will be successful.

  16. 事1:这个沙拉看起来真棒。收藏成功!

    Thing 2: Congratufreakinglations on passing Orgo! It’s without a doubt the worst of the medical school pre-reqs. I’m just finishing up my 3rd year of medical school if you ever have any q’s about applications or pre-reqs or anything. It seems like you’re keeping a really good perspective and evaluating along the way about where is best for you. I think you’re going to end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

  17. Congratulation Gena – so pleased for you! This recipe combines some of my favourite foods; looking forward to trying it out

  18. 这道沙拉看起来美妙,我喜欢咖喱,鹰嘴豆和很可能有这种多次一个星期,并没有得到它累了。通过Orgo得到的恭喜,你摇滚!我无法想象的艰苦努力,通过学校拿到现在并尊重你的旅程,找出最适合你的路径。

  19. 吉纳, you can do it! I remember strongly disliking most of my pre-med course – Orgo, physics, biochem – but it all gets so much more interesting once you actually GET to medical school. Now, as a soon-to-be third year med student (three exams left!), I can tell you that it doesn’t necessarily get easier – this most recent set of exams is by far the hardest I’ve ever taken, with a pretty ridiculous amount of material – it does get to be more clinical and therefore much more interesting and easier to study.

    要成功地MED学校,你真的喜欢它 - 它当然喜欢你的声音有激情和驱动它。这绝对不是容易的 - 也不是职业生涯作为一个医生 - 但我喜欢它,都不会将它的任何东西。

    也,我不知道它是如何工作的(I’m Canadian), but up here there is a pretty substantial difference between MDs and “other” doctors. Just make sure you do all your research and know what scope of practice you eventually want to have

  20. Congratulations on passing Orgo, but even more so on your persistence and determination. You will do well whatever path you take.


  21. 吉纳,将使得这款沙拉今天,如果我在纽约这个星期没有。想着你,因为我享受这一切令人难以置信的素食餐厅美食!

  22. 嘿,颊,恭喜你得到放松
    I don’t like to use maple syrup but I like to use stevia or a natural sweetener .

  23. 吉纳! THANK YOU for this recipe. I am in love with chickpeas and any new way I can use them is a BLESSING!

    Have a nice break from school. We are all pulling for you! We need docs like you, always remember that when things get a little tense. I just finished my doctorate degree and believe me, I have felt like you through the years. But, now I get to do what I am called to do…teach! I’ll be here to cheer you on!! Good Luck!

  24. 吉纳,你就得更加努力:你还没有敲我坚信你会成为一名医生,一位!虽然我会第二另一个人的评论,你会是一个可笑的伟大的心理学家。你的大脑已经发生根本性的变化采取突然跳进硬科学。很多进化连接最多那里 - 我的承诺。有一个真正的学习曲线平行接线方式,我怀疑事情会为你容易。此外,ND是许多国家的一个很好的选择。我的ND是惊人的,有医学博士为患者和NDS是经常去到的人对于很多像IBS难以治疗压力加剧的病症。

    • 劳拉,

      Thanks so much. As I mentioned to you in my email, I admit that I had some unsavory ND experiences that may have biased me a little. Not cool! I’m keeping an open mind to this, too, and thank you for inciting a different outlook


  25. 你说,成为一个RD是您的可能性列表...你认为你会真正的爱呢?我本来打算成为一个RD,但切换到植物为主的饮食习惯后,我觉得我不会真正能够说出自己的想法作为RD。一切是基于USDA标准,并告诉大家吃奶制品和肉这么多份,每天就只是觉得我错了。这部分是为什么我还在困惑,我未来的职业道路。

    • 林赛,

      我理解你的无奈!但请记住,你可以做任何你想一旦你的RD做的 - 是的,教育有时可能会阻挠你,但它不是一个你如何练,否则你练什么任务。威廉app而我的CN认证,这是完全整体,教我的维生素和补充了许多有益的事情愈合(我有没有关于它的遗憾),但绝对没有给我的科学和临床训练,我会需要实践认真和充分的威廉app时间。我希望有更好的集成度,但我认为RD的值得的科学基础,他们所提供的临床经验。



  26. vegan M1 here–can’t wait until you join the MD-to-be ranks so I’m not the only one trying to convince the medical world that vegans don’t *all* die from B12 deficiency.

  27. I’m so glad that you did better than you feared. I think the Georgetown has an academic program with slightly lower academic standards that allows people to take the first year of med school with the med students, and then if they do well they can go on to get their MD from there. Have you heard about that? Also, you still have your MCAT to go, which is HUGE! I definitely preferred to study for my MCATs as opposed to classes because they can’t throw ridiculous questions on there. Also, there is a verbal portion on there which I’m sure you will do well on. Take care! I’m so jealous you’re done with the school year, I still have a few more weeks and am SO ready.

    • Daphna,



  28. 吉纳, you are so awesome. I really admire your positive approach and what seems like an understanding that you are valuable whatever road you take. I am still working on treating myself as kindly as I do others, but I am making strides. Thanks for sharing your mindset as you head into the next chapter of your program.

  29. 吉纳, I really wish you well on your path to becoming an MD. It is a shame that the hoops one needs to jump through could possibly keep someone as talented and dedicated as you from joining in. As you may or may not know, I am currently in residency, so if you have any questions en route about the medical and surrounding health care professionals, drop me an email.

      • 我第二本的说法,这是所有关于通过箍跳跃。威廉app我在我的内部MED居住的最后几个星期,即将开始GI奖学金。威廉appI think the most important qualities for success in medicine are 1-compassion (duh, and you rock at this:) 2-hard work/dedication (you’re nailing it) 3- patience and perseverance (hang in there, YOU CAN do it:) and 4- being pleasant to work with (pretty obvious you will have no issues here.) Every hurdle you jump is an accomplishment and you should feel proud of yourself for what you accomplish. The other amazing part to me as I am going through this journey is the dramatic differences in people’s strengths and weaknesses. Even your colleague who seems perfect and the best at everything, you will find areas where they struggle. Everyone struggles at some point, period. I find it immensely helpful to see this, not because I want to see others struggle, but it simply helps me to know I’m not a complete idiot, I can do this, and there are parts I am good at. I know that you will be AMAZING at most all parts (and especially the ones that count in the end, orgo is not one of these) Just keep at it. And most of all, you have passed the hurdle of orgo, that is awesome and wear that badge with pride:)

  30. 我相信你会成功,不管你选择的道路;你对健康生活的热情是可以传染的。你有没有想过在公共卫生攻读学位?威廉app

  31. 嗯鹰嘴豆!我将期待这适应没有糖,似乎很容易做到离开了葡萄干和枫糖浆。且易于一起扔!

    I knew you could do it! Congrats! You faced something really tough and got through it. I hope this helps you get through more tough times likely ahead in med school. You will make a great doctor, I know it!

  32. Congrats on the passing grade! I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty. It’s not easy to go public with struggles, especially as we are going through them. There are so many wonderful options when it comes to helping others and I’m sure you’d be brilliant at each and every one you listed. However, I’m relieved to hear that med school is still the main focus of your current journey. It took a lot of courage to leave your successful career in publishing and there is no reason not to see how far you can get with your original intentions. Rooting for you, as always.

    在食品 - 我喜欢鹰嘴豆三明治,但是往往吃他们做veganaise。身为芝麻酱情人,我,我一定会尝试一下这种健康的替代品!感谢您的想法!

  33. 恭喜你,吉纳!为你骄傲!

    This recipe looks wonderful! I bought chickpeas, raisins and carrots today–what a coincidence!

    I know Courtney and I are going to love this recipe! Sending you love, Sarah

  34. 我在申请医学院的过程中我的博士课程退学后,它从来没有经历过令我惊讶不已,人们的医疗保健世界之外有不知道是多么困难的概念只是为了获得在医疗学校,更不用说它大声笑。人们总是问我,“你想要去什么学校?”我回应“哪一个我可以进入”哈哈。仿佛我们都在我们的脚下扔的录取通知书!我有生物学学士学位,并在医疗科学硕士学位和我仍然不太可能在我的第一次尝试让我也想指出你的读者着想那些学校是医学院,这是一个巨大的忌讳mine because so many people think it’s alternative medicine or that they won’t get the same level of care from a DO vs an MD. There was actually a time (in the 80s?) during which MD schools were planning to try to bring the DO schools into the fold and give all existing DOs an MD to homogenize the medical profession, but apparently DOs are quite prideful about their degrees since they do practice a few techniques that are not studied in allopathic schools. Anyway, I’m about to retake the MCAT before I submit my applications-talk about a humbling experience (and I actually LOVE organic chemistry, but physics-yikes!). Best of luck with the rest of your classes!

    • Lauren,

      You are quite right! I have only just become educated about DO programs (I honestly was ignorant about them as I entered the post-bacc), but now that I know, I realize they’re the same — I only said “intents and purposes” because I do know that DO programs have some elements in the curricula not covered in MD programs. Anyway, I’ll edit that for clarity A wonderful option.



  35. 好消息重。通过这样的挑战类,吉纳......我这么放心你和为你骄傲!



    • 我当然认为,它,莫文蔚,既是医学博士,成为一个心理医生,如果配有学不上议事日程,博士学位。我撕掉了,因为我的愿望,实践GI药也是如此强大;当然,实际情况是,我想练习在饮食失调和胃肠道疾病的关系愈合某处。有这么多的重叠,当然,有一个与胃肠愈合,这是谁曾急诊女性往往显着很强的心/身连接(在我的经验)。

      I’m totally rambling. My point is, there are sometimestoo many事情我想这样做已经觉得受困于我的GPA所有学期,虽然,它是如此提醒的选项真好!

      • 我听你的,颊,并在实践中,可以有参与所有你确定这些替代的角色之一一对一辅导的丰富,如同你的A计划的情况下,我肯定可以看到你擅长和导出大满意度作为RD(具有博士学位?)专业EDS和IBS呢!

        Ahhh…to be so equipped with so much brilliance and talent and passion and compassion to offer…

        • 是的!最酷的一个采访是我哈威廉appve actually gone through a lot of the necessary, prerequisite coursework, so I could start soon and end a little sooner, which means I could get to practicing a little sooner. But I am not opposed to a long education, either, if that ends up being the “right” path.

          Not sure about brilliance But I do see many windows now, for the first time in a while. I have always felt the tug of behavioral science/mental health (I considered a psych PhD as well as an MD long before I quit my job), so in some ways nothing will be lost if the MD path is a no go. Of course, as you said, I could always go the psychiatry route once I get there, if I do happen to get in and that tug persists, and/or ultimately outweighs the tug of practicing GI medicine or primary care. I find both avenues tremendously appealing in different ways; I think med school would be good at showing me options and helping me find the avenue by which I can most effectively help others. But as the amazing comments on the post reinforced, there are so many routes if med school isn’t “the one.”


  36. 嘿吉纳,

    Keeping up the great work. You are an inspiring ambassador for plant-based diets!

  37. 随着你真心诚意地愿意帮助,我坚信你会找到正确的道路你,无论是药物或其他。事物总是有其整理自己出的方式,esspecially对于那些谁在这里做点好事的世界。此外,还有一些时间,我们没有找到我们的道路,而是出于路径中找到了我们。

  38. 恭喜吉纳!传递orgo是不小的壮举。正如我敢肯定,我已经提到过,我勉强通过尖叫,我有科学背景。我的男朋友目前正与MED学校申请过程艰难,所以我知道它怎么折腾都可以。他的应用是体面的,但他的得分MCAT是不是需要它是。他还考虑DO学校。跨越当你来到它是桥,首先打通你的后百川!你应该感到骄傲!

  39. I’m standing up and cheering! Thank you for coming out so clearly with your thinking on all this and congratulations on your steadfastness, what I guess is now called “stick-to-it-ivity”. Congratulations on passing orgo for that matter! No mean feat indeed.

    Your salad sounds lovely too, and I’d never thought about the chickpea/chicken pun/switch possibilities! Phil would never be convinced, but I like it a lot.


  40. Congrats on getting through orgo! It was a really tough course for me, so I was really proud just to finish with a passing grade, even if it wasn’t on par with my usual performance. What classes are you taking this summer?

  41. Chickpeas, tahini AND curry? Now you’re just teasing me Gena!

    Firstly congrats on passing orgo! As someone who failed it miserably during IB (although nowhere near comparable I’m sure) I know all too well that’s no easy feat. I love how grounded and realistic you are about your aspirations, it’s so humbling and truly refreshing given that most people are only interested in touting their achievements. Your passion for wanting to help others is palpable and for that reason you would make a fantastic RD, psychologist, PA or any one of those other careers you mentioned – but for what it’s worth I think you have enough fight in you yet to make it to med school.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for not being scared of being anything less than perfect (if that makes sense). Enjoy your time off!

  42. 吉纳你一直是而且将永远是一个有见地和美妙的女人。这篇文章说明你的自我意识和接地惊人的水平。你飞快地提到你的饮食失调症和这个职位真正体现出你多远从自我批判,苛刻的,狭隘的地方,多么有趣的,合理的和鼓舞人心的女人,你都成了!

    • 很好说,汉娜......我同样让人震撼的重。你的恢复和罕见的成熟程度,尤其是考虑到您的具有挑战性开始进入成年期。不像许多W /相似的历史,谁遭受发育不良的结果,你已经远远超过发展的一个普通的措施。

      吉纳,真的,你让我们接纳自己,同时的一种方式 - 通过自己的模范行为 - 曾经那么温柔建议我们多从自己的期望。

      我以前说过,我再说一遍 - 你是一个真正的女主角。

      • 你们都在这里做了我太多的正义,虽然这是不对的不接受美恭维,所以我只想说声“谢谢”。

        Do remember, though, that a lot of my strength–in general, and in recovery specifically–comes from this community of strong women and men. I’m much more solid in my recovery today than I was 4 or 5 years ago, before I started CR. I write to help others, but I also draw strength from the way other people respond to what I say, and the insights and differences of opinion and perspective they offer me. It’s been so wonderful for me, and I’m very lucky.