Tom and I pretty different eaters. He’s an enthusiastic carnivore, and I’m an outspoken vegan. But we see eye to eye on a few foodie matters. Tom’s father is a farmer and, by Tom’s account, a “hippie.” Each fall, Tom brings back bushels of the most delicious Macoun apples and giant carrots from his dad’s place, and, when I’m lucky, he shares them with me. I’ve never seen Tom put a bit of processed food into his mouth—not a thing. He makes the best saffron risotto on earth, and he’s willing to veganize it for special guests. And most importantly, we have a couple of mutual foodie obsessions: hummus and raw veggies, perfectly cooked brown rice, roast veggies with vinaigrette, and anything that calls for cumin, coriander, saffron, or cinnamon. Tom spent some time in the peace corps working in Madagascar, and perhaps these spices remind him of his time there.

One spice we haven’t discussed yet is ginger. But it’s one of my favorite spices, and so I suspect—Ihope—that it might be one of Tom’s favorites, too. I didn’t need to think very hard about what to make for me and Tom on Friday: roast veggies and couscous, hummus and babaganoush, and raw veggies for crunch are our custom. But I did want to throw something new into the rotation. And since Tom and I are equally keen on carrots, I thought I’d make a soup from one of the food world’s most divine pairings: carrot and ginger.


供应:4-6 servings
  • 1汤匙橄榄油
  • 1small white or yellow onion, chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 1根芹菜,切碎
  • 2瓣大蒜,切碎
  • 2inch piece of ginger, peeled and grated or minced
  • 4杯低钠蔬菜汤
  • 1个白色或甜的小人物,去皮,切碎
  • 11/4 pounds carrots, peeled and coarsely chopped
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt (adjust to taste)
  • 1/2茶匙咖喱粉
  • 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk, plus a few extra tablespoons for serving
  • 黑胡椒口味
  1. 将橄榄油加热,在汤锅或荷兰烤箱,中火加热。加入洋葱和芹菜,炒5-7分钟,或直到洋葱是明确的。加入大蒜和生姜。炒香,经常搅拌,搅拌2分钟,或直到姜很香。
  2. 加入肉汤,土豆,胡萝卜,盐,咖喱容器中。将混合物煮沸,再热减小到介质低。封面和煨汤二十分钟,或者直到胡萝卜是非常嫩。
  3. 用液浸搅拌器或直立搅拌机*,混合汤,直到顺利。如果你使用一个直立搅拌机,你可能要工作分批,如在一次可能导致搅拌机混合飞溅太多汤。返回汤罐,并在椰奶和黑胡椒搅拌。调整调味料的味道。如果你喜欢,漩涡椰奶额外汤匙放入汤中食用前。
Leftover soup will keep for up to 4 days in an airtight container in the fridge, and it can be frozen for up to a month.



If you’re looking for an easy, low stress soup that happens to feature warming spices, this one is a perfect option, and it’s good enough to share with friends. I hope you love it!




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  1. Came across your blog while searching for juicing vs. blending. Made this soup, and it was delicious!

  2. Yesterday afternoon, I rushed out the door for an evening hike, leaving the recipe and a pot of homemade veggie stock in the kitchen. When I got home, I found that my husband had whipped it up (minus the salt). My-oh-my! It was so delicious – slightly spicy, sightly creamy. His words: “Can we save this recipe and make it again?” I agreed.

  3. 很漂亮!!


  4. 这是一个把意大利蔬菜和南瓜coconut soup yesterday, and since I can’t find pumpkin anywhere to save my life, minestrone won. But now I know I can just use carrots! This looks so delicious!

  5. The soup recipe is perfect…simple, yummy and nutritious! I can’t wait to try it!
    Love your blog. I made the cinnamon raisin toast yesterday. The minute my eyes opened this morning I ran downstairs to open the dehydrator and enjoy a piece of the (slightly) warm bread! Thanks for a great recipe.

  6. Lucky Tom!! What a gorgeous soup and gorgeous photos of it. Very artistic Gena I’m definitely going to be trying this out. Now if I could only get my hands on a dehydrator to make your raw cinnamon raisin bread!

  7. 这看起来太好吃了!我昨晚(芝麻酱的奶油味)制威廉希尔NBA赛事成的素食奶油汤西兰花西兰花从当地农场,它是神圣的为好。我也很喜欢南瓜汤和红薯扁豆辣椒。秋天是我最喜欢的季节。南瓜,甜菜swiaa和靴子都让我非常开心。

  8. 胡萝卜和生姜声音的组合,如此吸引人。这些选项都非常不错,太(虽然我的第一批多包括椰奶!)

    I’m looking forward to making hearty bean soups and chili this fall, as well as roasted winter squash soups.

  9. 我做了一个胡萝卜姜汤一次。

    It had a weird consistency when I was done, but other than that it was really tasty. This one looks even better

  10. 难道汤姆喜欢喝汤!???这听起来真棒。我兴奋地开始做的汤,今年秋天。我只是做了一些,并希望得到它更好!爱奶油漩涡。威廉希尔NBA赛事

  11. “如果你没有,做的:它是什么你即将看到这里的美味,六十第二个版本。威廉app“ - 我仍然还没有尝试过B / C说实话,我只是没有那么多的汤女孩。我知道了,疯了。我曾经是很久以前的事,但我现在爱的危机。但话又说回来,它会得到冷这里最终(今天是82和晴天),所以当我决定让你的汤,至少快速ñ容易Vita的版本我说的



  12. I am SO happy it’s soup season again! (Well, truth be told, it’s always kind of soup season in my home, but now I can make it without sweating my face off in the kitchen!) This soup looks delicious, and there are few pairings more delicious than carrots & ginger. I’ll have to make this soon!

  13. Did someone say “coconut”? I’m in! Coconut should be its own food group in my opinion. The new food pyramid: the coconut group, the chocolate group, and the green veggies’ group!!

  14. I’m totally looking forward to curried squash and apple soup. Yeaaah. I can’t even tell you how good it is.

  15. 百胜!That looks so good! I can’t wait for roasted butternut squash soup this fall. Butternut squash is my favorite fall vegetable and I got so excited when I saw it at the market today